IDEMIA ‘Deepening Investment’ in Biometric Tech for Pacific Airport/Border Control Market

IDEMIA 'Deepening Investment' in Biometric Tech for Pacific Airport/Border Control Market

IDEMIA is intensifying its efforts to target the APAC and Australian markets for biometric airport and border control solutions, the company has announced.

In a statement, IDEMIA did not put attach a monetary figure to its enhanced efforts, but indicated that it “is expanding its investment in its people in Canberra and Sydney.” The company says its focus here is the Gen 3.0 Border & Airport platform, which supports facial, iris, and fingerprint recognition for the identification of travelers passing through an airport or other border checkpoint.

The solution has already been proven in a high-profile deployment at the Changi Airport in Singapore, where IDEMIA’s facial recognition technology is being used to support the airport’s Fast and Seamless Travel program. All of the airport’s security checkpoints use the biometric technology to scan travelers in an effort to streamline passenger processing and enhance security.

This technology “is now being further adapted to the other markets in Asia Pacific,” IDEMIA said in its announcement.

“The Asia Pacific region is at the forefront of Border & Airport innovation and it remains a strategic growth market for IDEMIA,” elaborated IDEMIA APAC President Tim Ferris. “Through the expansion of our capacity in Australia, we will better support our customers in the region and continue the development of a very successful suite of products and solutions for the global markets.”

The effort reflects a growing global trend as an increasing number of airports and other border checkpoints look to biometric technologies – very often in the form of facial recognition – to thwart criminals and terrorists while improving the flow of travelers.

September 25, 2019 – by Alex Perala