ID3 Touts FRVT Performance in Latest NIST Testing

ID3 Touts FRVT Performance in Latest NIST TestingFrance-based ID3 Technologies has announced that its facial recognition technology has delivered an “excellent performance tradeoff” in the latest evaluations through the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Face Recognition Vendor Test, or “FRVT”.

In a press release, the company explained that the FRVT testing round featured over 50 participants from the commercial biometrics industry. For its part, ID3 asserted that its facial recognition technology “enables unconstrained real-time detection and recognition of faces in a crowd, whatever the gender, age or race,” adding that it offers robust performance with respect to “pose, illumination and expression variations” across a range of lighting conditions.

The company did not disclose the specific of its solution’s performance in the latest FRVT testing.

ID3’s announcement comes after the company opened a new office in Colombia, where its fingerprint authentication technology is used in solicitors’ offices, early this year.

December 6, 2018 – by Alex Perala