HID Global Named One of China’s Top 10 Brands for Access Control

Biometric Access ControlAustin-based identity solutions provider HID Global has been named one of China’s Top 10 Access Control Brands for 2014. The distinction is given by A&S China, one of the country’s major security publications, and this is the eleventh year in a row that HID Global has been named to the list.

HID Global won the distinction thanks to its iCLASS SE platform, which uses the company’s Seos technology to use a multiple authentication methods – including biometrics – for identity management purposes across a range of devices. The technology also has the capability of turning any smart device featuring wireless functionality into a trusted credential, thus replacing cards and other mechanisms for access control.

The company’s rather vast offering of products and services bodes well in the context of increasingly convergent digital technology. As the Internet of Things expands over the next few years to connect various everyday devices, it will be increasingly necessary to ensure advanced security measures are in place at every level. HID Global appears to be a in a position to ensure security in a wide variety of applications, and could very well end up on next year’s Top 10 list again.

December 17, 2014 – by Alex Perala