Guam Attains DHS Real ID Compliance with Help From Valid

Guam Attains DHS Real ID Compliance with Help From Valid

Thanks to Valid, the Government of Guam has officially met the US Department of Homeland Security’s standards for Real ID Compliance. Guam’s Department of Revenue and Taxation consulted with the security giant throughout the certification process, which gives the territory of Guam the ability to issue driver’s licenses and ID cards that will be recognized by federal agencies in the United States.    

“Completing our certification package is a major achievement,” said DRT Director Dafne M. Shimizu. “Guam now meets full compliance for Real ID, while offering choices for both Real ID compliant and non-Real ID compliant cards.”

The Real ID Act was first passed in 2005, and requires US states and territories to meet 39 regulatory standards when issuing state IDs. Throughout the process, Valid provided both technology and expertise, helping Guam design secure, modern ID cards and complete its application more than a year ahead of the October 2020 enforcement deadline.  

“U.S. states and territories are tasked with a challenging set of requirements to meet Real ID compliance,” said Valid VP and CCO Michael Fox. “Valid’s technology solutions and service excellence were able to assist Guam in meeting those standards, ultimately enhancing safety and security for the residents of Guam.”

Valid delivered and installed a suite of identity management products for the Department of Revenue and Taxation, including Weblink ID, Biolink ID and Valid Secure Card. Guam’s successful application brings the total number of states and territories with Real ID certification up to 40, though 15 states are yet to meet the DHS’s guidelines.

February 27, 2019 – by Eric Weiss