Goode Lists World’s Most Influential Digital Identity Organizations

Goode Lists World's Most Influential Digital Identity Organizations

Goode Intelligence is calling attention to some of the most influential players in the world of digital identity. In its latest Digital Identity Report, the research firm specifically listed the top 10 digital identity influencing organizations in the world, a roster that includes heavy hitters like the GSMA and ID4Africa.

The other organizations on the list are the Digital ID & Authentication Council Canada (DIACC), Good ID, ID2020, the OpenID Foundation, the Sovrin Foundation, The World Bank ID for Identification (ID4D), Women in Identity, and the World Privacy Forum.

Each organization was selected because it is taking an active role to shape the future of digital identity, both in terms of technology and in terms of ethics. To that end, Goode prioritized privacy, diversity, and security, and chose groups that are working to make sure those values are still reflected in the technology that gets sent to businesses, governments, and consumers.

“Many organisations shape how digital identity is designed and deployed,” said Goode Intelligence Founder and CEO Alan Goode. “These 10 represent those that we have found to be the most influential throughout our research and we are delighted to announce the names of these highly deserving organisations today.”

The rest of the Digital Identity Report examines commercial and governmental digital identity programs and lays out revenue and technology predictions for the six-year period from 2020-2025. Biometric technology is expected to be crucial in that regard.

A previous Goode report indicated that the digital identity market would reach $15 billion by 2024, thanks in large part to improvements in AI and machine learning tech. The firm later released a white paper that explained that secure identity verification is essential for businesses that are looking to establish a foundation of trust with their customers.

Digital Identity will be a central theme at Goode’s upcoming Identity Summit in London. The inaugural event is scheduled for January 30th.

December 9, 2019 – by Eric Weiss