FPC Launches New Access Control-focused Fingerprint Sensors

Biometrics News - FPC Launches New Access Control-focused Fingerprint Sensors

As it continues to expand the applications of its biometric technology beyond the mobile sector, Fingerprint Cards has announced two new capacitive fingerprint sensors designed specifically for access control.

Dubbed the FPC1020 and the FPC1024, the sensors are compact and water resistant, Fingerprint Cards says. Perhaps more importantly, they sport low power consumption, further enhancing their value proposition in long-term access control deployments.

The sensors’ announcement comes after Fingerprint Cards returned to profitability last summer, following a long period of adjustment to a saturated mobile sector that saw dropping ASPs for the kind of sensor technology upon which Fingerprint Cards built its name. The company continues to target the mobile market with newer, lower-cost sensor offerings, but has also sought out new opportunities, perhaps most notably in the emerging area of biometric payment cards. Access control offers another avenue for growth.

“Our technology is used billions of times per day, and we have adapted our long and unrivaled experience from the mobile world into this sensor series tailored for the low-computing-power access environment,” explained Fingerprint Cards SVP Thomas Rex in a statement announcing the FPC1020 and FPC1024. “With our extended access offering we are working to meet the demands of a range of new access control use cases.”

The move also arrives soon after Fingerprint Cards’ announcement two months ago of an updated version of FPC-BM, its Internet of Things-focused biometric module.

January 7, 2019 – by Alex Perala