ForgeRock Exec Discusses ‘Voodoo’ of Behavioral Biometrics with BioCatch

“Behavioral biometrics provides us with one of the strongest tool sets for continuous transparent user evaluation.” – Ben Goodman, SVP Global Business and Corporate Development, ForgeRock

ForgeRock Exec Discusses 'Voodoo' of Behavioral Biometrics with BioCatch

Six weeks after BioCatch‘s behavioral biometrics system went live on the ForgeRock Marketplace, the company has published a new interview with an executive from the latter to delve into the integration.

Ben Goodman first came to ForgeRock near the start of 2016 as the company’s Director of Customer Engineer, and has quickly risen through the ranks to become ForgeRock’s SVP of Global Business and Corporate Development. To some extent, that may reflect the rapid ascent of ForgeRock itself, which saw over 50 technology partners join its Trust Network of curated security solutions since its official launch at the end of 2017.

BioCatch came to ForgeRock as one of its most prominent behavioral biometric specialists, and in detailing the integration in his Q&A with BioCatch, Goodman is emphatic about the technology’s benefits, asserting that “behavioral biometrics is exceptionally effective at identifying and preventing synthetic identity creation, robotic account takeovers, and other sophisticated bot attacks,” and that its capability to support continuous, passive authentication “is relatively new, but extremely powerful.”

Goodman’s comments on ForgeRock’s end customers are also telling,with respect to how new and exciting behavioral biometrics technology appears to the broader public. “They often ask me if it works,” he says. “In some ways, it can seem like voodoo.”

It does work, of course; and the full Q&A helps to illustrate just how compelling this kind of digital security technology can be. The full interview is available on BioCatch’s blog.