Faces, Hands, and the Police: This Week’s Top Stories

Faces and hands dominate this week’s roundup of FindBiometrics’ most popular articles.

The former is no surprise, given the ongoing excitement around facial recognition technologies since Apple brought Face ID to the iPhone and Amazon started coming under fire for its provision of facial recognition to law enforcement authorities. This week’s top facial recognition stories skirt around any controversy though, with readers interested in a new Internet of Things solution from NXP Semiconductors, and a high-throughput biometric terminal from IDEMIA:

New NXP MCU Supports Offline Facial Recognition, Emotion Detection for IoT Devices

IDEMIA Pivots to Facial Recognition for Latest High-Throughput Solution

As for hands, there has been news of a couple of interesting innovations in this area that caught readers’ interest this week. One concerns finger vein scanning, with Hitachi announcing a new scanning system designed to operate through a standard computer camera:

Hitachi Turns Standard Computer Camera into Finger Vein Scanner

… and the other is a surprising story about Amazon’s experimentation with hand-based payments in Whole Foods stores:

Amazon Could Bring Hand-Based Naked Payments to Whole Foods Locations

Finally, readers also proved interested in FindBiometrics’ first feature article for Government Biometrics Month, which took a look at how the law enforcement sector has been helping to fuel this huge market:

Government Biometrics Month: How Law Enforcement is Driving the Industry

Stay tuned to FindBiometrics as we continue to deliver more of these in-depth features on government biometrics throughout September – alongside the latest industry news, of course.

September 13, 2019 – by Alex Perala