Ever AI Rebrands as Paravision After Scoring Top NIST Result

Biometrics News - Ever AI Rebrands as Paravision After Scoring Top NIST Result

The American facial recognition specialist Ever AI is formally rebranding as Paravision. The newly renamed company is also celebrating a banner performance in the latest round of the NIST’s ongoing Face Recognition Vendor Test, where Paravision’s facial recognition algorithm achieved the top spot on the 1:1 Leaderboard against 87 other vendors.

“We believe that it is imperative for companies like ours to do more to ensure the United States does not fall behind in the global marketplace,” said Paravision CTO Charlie Rice. “Achieving the #1 rank in the world clearly shows that there is an American company capable of competing with and beating any global competitor in the development of this critical AI technology.”

“The new brand reinforces the company’s investment in mission-critical computer vision for enterprise applications requiring unparalleled accuracy, security, and deployment flexibility,” added Paravision CEO Doug Aley.

As Ever AI, Paravision had previously achieved the top spot in the FRVT Wild Images category, and was one of only three companies to score a top ten result in every category. The company has obviously found a way to improve its technology, and has now climbed from its top spot in the US to the top spot globally.

Paravision is pitching its facial recognition tech as a potential solution for a range of enterprise applications, including access control, identity verification, payments, and analytics.

August 9, 2019 – by Eric Weiss