Estonian Voters Cast Ballots Online

Virtual AcceptanceEstonia has concluded a parliamentary election that saw 30 percent of votes come in online. That marks a 25 percent increase over the last election’s online voting in 2011. The online voting system was developed by Estonian IT firm Cybernetica.

In 2014, Smartmatic, a leading election automation company, and Cybernetica co-founded the Centre of Excellence for Internet voting. The Centre is working with the government of Estonia to advance Internet voting nationally and to export it to many other countries around the globe.

Speaking in a press release, Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica said, “The growth of online voting in Estonia should not come as a surprise to anybody. Besides offering clear benefits to voters, in terms of convenience, accessibility and ease of use, the voting platform is built on tried and secure technologies.”

As other states investigate the possibilities of electronic voting, biometric technologies are often considered to accurately identify citizens. Meanwhile, other countries that are already going ahead with the implementation of electronic identification documents or national biometric registry projects, such as global pioneer India, may soon discover the electronic voting is another major benefit offered by the technology.

March 4, 2015 – by Alex Perala