Delta Air Lines to Offer CLEAR Screening as Premium Service

CLEAR has found a major new client for its biometric security screening technology: The company has announced a new partnership with Delta Air Lines.

Delta Air Lines to Offer CLEAR Screening as Premium ServiceUnder the agreement, the popular American airline is going to offer expedited CLEAR security screening as a premium service to its US Diamond Medallion members, with US Delta SkyMiles members also having the option to enrol in the service at special rates.

CLEAR’s system revolves around fingerprint and iris scanning, using the biometrics to offer accurate and efficient identity verification. While it has seen multiple sports stadium deployments in recent months, it’s also designed for airport applications; in all such cases, its value proposition lies in efficiency for both administrators and users.

As such, it’s a savvy move to position it as a premium traveller processing service in the new Delta deployment. Commenting in a statement, Delta’s incoming CEO Ed Bastian explained that Delta’s customers “tell us their time is valuable, as is having a consistent, enjoyable airport experience with reduced hassle,” adding, “We look forward to what this partnership will bring to our customers.”

Indeed, and if the service proves a hit with Delta customers, it could help to further popularize airport biometric screening more broadly.

May 2, 2016 – by Alex Perala