CTS Embraces Biometrics for Healthcare Kiosks

Connected Technology Solutions has integrated Imprivata’s PatientSecure system into its patient registration kiosks for healthcare institutions. CTS Embraces Biometrics for Healthcare KiosksThe integration brings biometric identification to healthcare organizations using CTS’s kiosk solutions, with PatientSecure using palm vein biometrics to ensure that patients are reliably and accurately matched to the appropriate records.

In a statement announcing the integration, Carolinas Healthcare System’s Chief Information & Analytics Officer, Craig Richardville, attested to PatientSecure’s effectiveness, asserting that since his organization deployed the palm vein scanning technology, Carolinas Healthcare System “significantly reduced registration errors and lowered our duplicate medical record rate to 0.01 percent of our patient census”. Richardville added that bringing the technology to the organization’s registration kiosks is expected to “further enhance our overall revenue cycle management operation and patient experience.”

The integration reflects what appears to be a growing trend in the healthcare industry as more organizations seeks to leverage biometric identification to better manage patient records. It also further raises the profile of Imprivata after its participation at the Arab Health conference earlier this month.

February 22, 2017 – by Alex Perala