Credence ID CEO To Speak At The Montgomery Summit

Credence ID CEO Bruce Hanson has been invited to speak at The Montgomery Summit.

Credence ID CEO to Promote Biometric Solutions at The Montgomery Summit

Credence ID offers a range of mobile biometrics solutions, like the CredenceOne (pictured) which has been deployed to authenticate test-taking students in Nigeria.

It’s an opportunity for Hanson to promote biometric technology – and that of Credence ID more specifically – to an audience of investors, executives, and entrepreneurs. Previously called The Montgomery Technology Conference, the event has been promoting innovative technologies for over a decade, and according to founder Jamie Montgomery, the “caliber of companies for this year’s Summit was higher than ever”.

In a statement, Hanson explained that his talk would revolve around the growing market for biometric authentication, asserting that by 2018 almost half of the world’s population will be enrolled in some kind of biometric database. Indeed, this trend is already starting to play out in countries like India, whose government has implemented a biometric citizen database at the national level.

And, of course, Credence ID, with its range of biometric identification devices, is in a position to really take advantage of this trend. “Our technology enables governments and enterprises to securely prove a person’s identity in support of an important transaction,” Hanson added – a pitch that could resonate with his audience at The Montgomery Summit.

(Originally posed on Mobile ID World)