Cognitec Awarded By Frost & Sullivan For Inordinate Focus Customer Service

17126_cognitec_Cognitec_logoNovember 14, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter     

Market research firm Frost & Sullivan recently investigated the face biometrics market, and as can be expected, the company has emerged from its research with a new list of Best Practices Awards. During the research firm’s investigation, which involved a large number of in depth interviews, industry analysis and a great deal of secondary research, Frost & Sullivan takes note of players that exemplify the best practices in the industry. This time the firm has emerged with a special mention for Cognitec Systems and its FaceVacs-VideoScan technology.

Cognitec is now the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership for its demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers. According to Frost & Sullivan, Cognitec’s support goes beyond simple customer service, and actually enhances the value of its product.

The product under scrutiny was Cognitec’s flagship face recognition offering, FaceVacs-VideoScan. The solution, which can gather and analyze facial information from live video streams and, using 3D face matching technology, accurately match it to an image database, is very versatile, with obvious applications in marketing and operations management, as well as security, with a growing potential in other verticals.

“Cognitec’s superior capabilities in facial biometrics have allowed it to emerge as the vendor of choice for large governmental and security agencies across the globe,” says senior research analyst at  Frost & Sullivan, Ram Ravi (the subject of a recent findBIOMETRICS interview). “The company’s solutions also hold significant potential in newer applications such as the banking and retail sectors.”

Ravi expands on the solution’s capabilities: “In operations, the solution can be used to track real-time people movement, detect lines, and direct traffic flows to ease bottlenecks. In marketing, it can be used to generate highly accurate people counts in a retail store, as the advanced face recognition technology ensures that a face is not counted twice.”

FaceVACS-VideoScan’s versatility demands exemplary customer service, as the wide variety of possible deployments are sure to have unique challenges. With a strong front line of customer communication, Cognitec is set to overcome one of the more treacherous obstacles faced by biometrics vendors: lack of proper product knowledge.