South Korean Military Partners with Roansecure on Blockchain-Supported Biometric Authentication

Biometrics News - South Korean Military to Partner With Roansecure for Blockchain-Supported Biometric Authentication

The Military Manpower Administration arm of South Korea’s military has announced a partnership with cybersecurity company Roansecure that will see them adopt a new blockchain-based biometric identification and authentication system.

Raonsecure — which currently serves 30 million people in South Korea and projects to grow that number to 700 million in the Asia-Pacific region — is also behind TouchEn OnePass, the most popular Fast Identity Online (FIDO) biometric authentication service in Korea.

The blockchain network will be designed to FIDO standards, which means it will rely upon FIDO-certified multimodal authentication solutions like voice, facial, fingerprint, and iris recognition, as well as PIN numbers.

For South Korea’s military, using a secure blockchain-based biometric authentication method means access to sensitive intelligence and data is secured behind multimodal, passwordless verification.

Other military organizations around the world have also recently turned to blockchain technology. In August of 2019, San Francisco-based blockchain technology company Constellation Networks announced a partnership with the U.S. Air Force to develop a new interoperable data system. And in November China’s military announced plans for performance and partly loyalty-based bonuses to be rewarded to its soldiers in the form of cryptocurrency.

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January 28, 2020 – by Tony Bitzionis