SC Magazine: Biometrics Experts Document the Decline of Passwords

Biometrics News - SC Magazine: Biometrics Experts Document the Decline of Passwords

A growing number of organizations have begun to document the decline of passwords and the rise of biometric authentication. At least, that’s the takeaway from a new article from SC Magazine that gathers similar reports from a roster of biometrics experts, including Kaspersky Labs, Duo Security, Frost & Sullivan, and IDEX Biometrics.

The article specifically noted that biometric authentication technology offers more protection against password-stealing software, which can harvest autofill data, credit card numbers, saved passwords, and other sensitive information stored in people’s web browsers. It’s far more difficult to steal someone’s fingerprint, making biometrics a strong proof-of-identity option in multi-factor security solutions. 

The chorus of voices in the article simply indicates that biometric authentication is part of a larger trend, and not an isolated observation. In its recent 2019 Trusted Access Report, Duo Security noted that more and more device manufacturers are offering support for biometrics, while a separate Frost & Sullivan report predicted that the biometrics market would hit $11.1. billion (or £8.8 billion) by 2023. Both suggest that a password-free security landscape is far more attainable than many consumers currently realize, with companies like IDEX arguing that biometrics are safer and more convenient because they cannot be replicated or forgotten.

However, Kaspersky Labs warned that there are still risks associated with biometrics, which cannot be changed in the way that a password can be changed in the event that someone’s identity is compromised. The organization previously exposed a dark web e-shop that traffics in stolen digital identities, and recommended a multi-factor solution that combines biometrics and passwords for proof-of-identity and access, respectively. 

Source: SC Magazine

July 29, 2019 – by Eric Weiss