Onfido Offers Secure Identity Verification Services to Dwolla Customers

Biometrics News - Onfido Offers Secure Identity Verification Services to Dwolla Customers

Onfido has become the latest member of the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem. The two companies have teamed up to offer Onfido’s selfie-based identity verification services to Dwolla customers, who will be able to deploy the technology for secure onboarding and authentication.

Dwolla is an Iowa-based money movement specialist that helps other companies connect to the Automated Clearing House Network. The Onfido platform, meanwhile, compares a selfie to a photo ID to make sure the person using a service is the person they claim to be, and has the authority to carry out a transaction. The solution will reduce the threat of fraud for Dwolla’s existing clientele.

“As the movement of money is democratized through payment platforms, fraudsters have numerous opportunities to use personal information to strike quickly and efficiently to bolster their own bank accounts,” explained Dwolla Global Partnerships VP Rick Hofmann.

“Verifying identities is a huge piece of any platform,” added Dwolla Marketing VP Stephanie Atkin. “Onfido will help solve a major pain point.”

As part of the arrangement, Dwolla will be referring other companies to Onfido for identity verification, while Onfido will refer those who need to move money back to Dwolla. For Onfido, it’s also the latest in a string of new partnerships that have boosted the company’s bottom line. The company recently released its first Global Fraud Index, and began providing biometric authentication services for the Nuggets and Agora blockchain platforms.

October 25, 2019 – by Eric Weiss