Onfido Forms Strategic Partnership with Entify

Biometrics News - Onfido Forms Strategic Partnership with Entify

Onfido is expanding its foothold in Eastern Europe after forming a new strategic partnership with Entify. Based in Estonia, Entify provides businesses with an automated Know Your Corporate Customer (KYCC) solution that verifies the documents and legal status of various entities and individuals. The platform eliminates the need to carry out manual checks of corporate documents, which is both time consuming and vulnerable to human error.

Onfido, meanwhile, will be providing a similar level of confidence for individuals. The company’s selfie authentication tech will allow Entify clients to confirm the identities of the people representing each business. In other words, Onfido will essentially let Entify customers know that the right person showed up when they’re meeting someone new.

The arrangement is part of Onfido’s Digital Access as a Service strategy, which outfits companies like Entify with onboarding and authentication solutions in addition to identity verification. Entify is hoping the new partnership will improve their prospects in Europe and the US.

“As Entify continues to grow, we needed a partner who can scale with us,” said Entify CEO Neeme Org.

“Entify can open their business to a global audience with Onfido, providing a fully automated solution that is fast, efficient, and accessible,” added Onfido Cofounder and CEO Husayn Kassai.

Kassai went on to indicate that four other companies have become Onfido clients since it formed its strategic partnership with Entify. Onfido’s selfie authentication tech uses document and facial recognition to compare a selfie to an official photo ID.

The news comes shortly after Onfido teamed up with Ubisecure to safeguard the latter’s Customer Identity & Access Management platform. The company also created a new Digital Access as a Service solution through a collaboration with ForgeRock. Other recent Onfido customers include the mobile Bunq bank in the Netherlands and the b-sharpe currency exchange in Switzerland.

December 18, 2019 – by Eric Weiss