Nestle Store in Spain to Trial Facial Recognition-Based Payments System

Biometrics News - Nestle Store in Spain to Trial Facial Recognition-Based Payments System

A Nestle grocery store in Spain is partnering with CaixaBank to trial a new facial payment system in an attempt to speed up customer transactions ahead of the coming holiday shopping season.

Payments are made using the Face to Pay Nestle Market app, where users are required to register their personal information along with credit or debit card details, and a facial image. Purchases are then made at a dedicated checkout counter equipped with a tablet with camera that then captures the customer’s image, matching it to the information on their registered Face to Pay account.

The system will be tested for a three month period, using the busy holiday shopping season as a measure for how well the system handles high volumes of traffic.

A similar program was launched recently by restaurant chain Vienna at one of its locations in Barcelona.

CaixaBank’s Innovation Payment Hub alliance features partnerships with Global Payments, Visa, Samsung, and Arval. The bank has already been using facial recognition technology for cash withdrawals at some of its ATMs in Barcelona and Valencia, thanks to a collaboration with Fujitsu and biometric authentication specialist FacePhi, though it isn’t clear if the latter’s technology is in play in the new Face to Pay system.

Source: Finextra

November 21, 2019 – by Tony Bitzionis