Evident Launches Enterprise Account Recovery Solution

Biometrics News - Evident Launches Enterprise Account Recovery Solution

Evident ID has released an automated account recovery solution designed for large enterprises. The platform leverages document and facial recognition technology and is intended as a more secure alternative to traditional (and vulnerable) account recovery methods like knowledge checks, email, and SMS verification.

“Account recovery security is problematic at the enterprise level, where 20-50% of all help desk calls are for password resets,” explained Evident Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Nathan Rowe. “Complex rules like password rotation policies and other outdated methods can introduce more serious threats. Evident is making it possible to quickly and accurately verify account holders without excessive company intervention.”

Evident’s solution offers face-based liveness detection for an added layer of biometric security. It is expected to reduce IT costs for large corporations, allowing their employees to take advantage of a more efficient account recovery process that does not require as much human oversight. The platform will be available to customers in the first quarter of 2020.

The news comes several months after Evident landed $20 million in Series B funding to upgrade its computer vision and facial recognition tech and further its ongoing expansion efforts. The account recovery solution is the company’s first major offering since that funding was announced.  

December 11, 2019 – by Eric Weiss