Daon Upgrades IdentityX Digital Onboarding Platform

Biometrics News - Daon Upgrades IdentityX Digital Onboarding Platform

Daon has released an updated version of its flagship biometric onboarding platform. IdentityX Digital Onboarding 2.0 delivers better anti-spoofing technology, and also enables browser-based onboarding to allow users to enroll without the need for a mobile app.

The platform is designed to deliver a seamless experience that guards against fraud while simultaneously increasing user retention rates. To that end, IdentityX offers secure biometric authentication, and is compatible with third-party identity verification tools.

“We’re upending the false choice between convenience and compliance,” said Daon CEO Tom Grissen. “With all-digital customer onboarding, the process isn’t just more frictionless than traditional onboarding; it’s also more secure.”

IdentityX clients can customize the platform to meet their own needs. Most notably, that means that they can automatically screen new accounts based on predetermined criteria, or trigger a manual human review in fringe cases.

The IdentityX platform is particularly popular in the financial sector, with Daon providing solutions for a roster of partners that includes companies like Innovation Finance and banks like Turkey’s Akbank. Daon recently extended its partnership with Morocco’s GEMADEC, and it was also one of the first companies to receive FIDO2 certification for the on-server component of its biometric portfolio.

July 23, 2019 – by Eric Weiss