AuthenTrend Brings FIDO-Certified Fingerprint Solutions to CES 2020

Biometrics News - AuthenTrend Brings FIDO-Certified Fingerprint Solutions to CES 2020

AuthenTrend has announced that it will be one of the Taiwanese startups showcasing its wares at the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) at CES 2020. The company is best known for its fingerprint-enabled security keys, which have primarily been leveraged for identity and access management and are intended as a more secure alternative to passwords.

“Our goal is to replace passwords with biometrics,” explained AuthenTrend Vice President Zake Huang.

To that end, AuthenTrend has worked with Egis Technology to develop low-power fingerprint cards and compact USB keys. New users can register their fingerprints through the card or the USB key itself, without the use of any supplemental enrollment app. The company is planning to solidify its standing in Asia – and specifically in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan – before turning its attention to Europe and the U.S.

AuthenTrend is a longtime member of the FIDO Alliance, and was the first fingerprint security key provider to receive FIDO2 certification. It has continued to support FIDO protocols in the intervening years, and recently picked up its latest FIDO2 certification at the end of 2019. The company has also achieved Level 1 certification through the FIDO Authenticator program.

AuthenTrend recently stood alongside Yubico, FEITIAN, and e-WBM during the Microsoft Ignite conference in November.

January 6, 2019 – by Eric Weiss