BIO-key Launches Biometric Password Manager for Fingerprint Reader Users

BIO-key has announced a new password manager software solution for users of its USB fingerprint readers.

BIO-key Launches Biometric Password Manager for Fingerprint Reader UsersDubbed OmniPass Consumer, it let users confirm their identities on computers just by scanning a fingerprint on a BIO-key USB biometric reader. After the biometric authentication is complete, the user’s login credentials are automatically applied to the online site or app being accessed. Those credentials, meanwhile, are stored in “an online vault”, according to a statement announcing the solution.

Commenting on the new solution, BIO-key Marketing VP Scott Mahnken lamented the scourge of “password fatigue, whether it is trying to remember or manage dozens if not hundreds of passwords, or suffering through the ‘password death spiral’ to recover or reset a forgotten password, only to struggle with keeping track of the new information.” OmniPass Consumer offers a solution, since by managing complex passwords for you, “you will no longer have an excuse (nor the need) to use or reuse the same simple password across many sites or applications”.

The new solution is available for free for users of BIO-key’s EcoID, SideSwipe, and SideTouch fingerprint readers, which are designed for out-of-the-box compatibility with Windows 10’s Windows Hello biometric authentication system.

January 23, 2018 – by Alex Perala