Australian Casino Uses Facial Recognition Cameras to Identify Potential Thieves

Australian Casino Uses Facial Recognition Cameras to Identify Potential Thieves

An Australian casino is getting a biometric security upgrade after an employee tried to smuggle a $5,000 chip out of the building in a sock. Though the aspiring thief was caught by overhead CCTV cameras, Sydney’s Star Casino has nevertheless decided to deploy new facial recognition cameras to assist its large surveillance team.

Specifically, The Star will install new cameras in sensitive areas of the casino as part of a $10 million update that also includes new motion sensors and ID scanners. The cameras will match the faces of guests and employees against a database of known crooks and cheats, which will hopefully discourage anyone attempting to circumvent the house, and improve the gaming experience for legitimate casino visitors.

“[Facial recognition] will be incorporated into our customer service where we can recognise customers and welcome them back personally, telling them their favourite drink is waiting at the bar,” explained Catherine Clark, the Surveillance Chief at Star Casino.

Somewhat amusingly, Clark went on to say that she gets her best security ideas from movies like Ocean’s 11, most likely in an effort to stop real-world thieves from doing what George Clooney’s crew does in that film.

Meanwhile, Japanese officials are planning to use facial recognition technology to keep gambling addicts away from the table, while biometric ATMs have similarly been used to stop money laundering at casinos in Macau, signalling a growing trend as the gaming industry embraces biometric technology.

Source: Business Insider Australia        

March 12, 2019 – by Eric Weiss