360 Sticks With FPC Sensor for N4S Device

Fingerprint Cards‘ biometric technology has been integrated into the latest device from mobile OEM 360. Called the 360 N4S, the smartphone features an FPC1035 fingerprint sensor.

360 Sticks With FPC Sensor for N4S DeviceChina-based 360 is a relatively new smartphone brand, having launched its first mobile device earlier this year. That smartphone, the F4, also featured an FPC1035 sensor. But under its previous iteration as “Qiku”, the Chinese company developed multiple smartphones that also featured FPC sensors.

In other words, despite its new sheen, 360 is another of FPC’s longtime, repeat customers. Together with other such mobile clients like Huawei, whose integration of FPC technology into its new MaiMang 5 smartphone was also announced this week, 360 is helping to propel FPC forward as the biometric tech company pursues markets beyond the mobile sphere. More information on those activities—and its continuing revenues from smartphone integrations—is expected to arrive with its Q2 update at the end of next week.

July 15, 2016 – by Alex Perala