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A person’s hand/palm and finger are unique however not as unique as their fingerprints or irises, for this reason, businesses and schools like to use hand scanner and finger reader biometrics technology, to authenticate but not identify its users.

Authentication is a one-to-one comparison; it compares your characteristic with your stored information. Identification, on the other hand, is a one-to-many comparison. In this way, some people may find it less intrusive.

Hand scanner and finger reader recognition systems measure and analyze the overall structure, shape and proportions of the hand, e.g. length, width and thickness of hand, fingers and joints; characteristics of the skin surface such as creases and ridges.

The hand and finger scanner/reader devices still maintain accuracy even when hands are dirty, which are good in construction areas; and also have the ability to work under extreme temperatures ranging from negative 30 to 150 degrees F.

To use a hand scanner, you simply place your hand on a flat surface, aligning your fingers against several pegs to ensure an accurate reading. Then, a camera takes one or more pictures of your hand and the shadow it casts.

Hand Scanner

The scanner uses this information to determine the length, width, thickness and curvature of your hand or finger, knuckle shape, distance between joints and bone structure and translucency.  It translates that information into a numerical template.

Hand scanners and Finger readers are great in controlling access instead of key or card passes.  Hand and fingers cannot be forgotten or lost for someone to steal and gain access to your facility.

The benefits of hand and finger recognition are many.  It is easy to use and non-intrusive; a small amount of data is required to identify the users so more templates can be easily stored in one stand alone devise; low failure to enrol rates.

Hand and finger scanner recognition systems are best used for verification due to less accurate detection compared to fingerprint detection and can be more expensive than these devices. Some drawbacks, Minor injuries to hands may occur, and weight fluctuations can prevent the device from working properly.  Sometimes systems need to be updated regularly to accommodate these changes.

Hand and finger readers are generally optical, although they may incorporate other reader technologies such as capacitive sensors also used in a "liveness" test.  Other technologies include ultrasound, and thermal imaging.  In this respect hand and finger readers are similar to fingerprint readers.

Some palm and finger scanners have the capability of capturing 10-print fingerprints, as well as palm prints. Low resolution hand and finger readers (generally less than 100 dpi) can effectively only record principal lines and wrinkles. High resolution hand and finger readers (generally greater than 400 dpi) are able to record point features and minutiae.

Some hand and finger recognition systems scan the entire hand and fingers, while others allow the hand and finger images to be segmented in order to improve performance and reliability. In general terms, reliability and accuracy is improved by searching smaller data sets.

Hand and finger biometrics systems are the most widely used scanning devices and are used for time & attendance, and access to restricted areas and buildings. They exist in apartment buildings, offices, airports, day care centres, hospitals and immigration facilities.

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Hand Scanner Solution Providers:

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PRADOTEC delivers fingerprint scanners to be employed in identity management, access control and payment transaction for both government and private sectors especially in the field of retailing, transportation, health care and education. Our exclusive wireless Bluetooth biometric reader enables clients to securely capture, enroll and verify fingerprint with high accuracy and speed. We offer various fingerprint capture devices, from 1 finger to 10 fingerprint scanners. Products and Services: Justice/Law Enforcement, Mobile, Border Control/Airports, Hand Readers & Finger Scanners

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3M Cogent is a leading provider of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, or AFIS, and other fingerprint biometric solutions to governments, corporations, law enforcement agencies and other organizations worldwide. Our solutions enable customers to capture fingerprint images electronically, encode fingerprints into searchable files and accurately compare a set of fingerprints to a database containing potentially millions of fingerprints in seconds. Products & services: Fingerprint Readers, Hand Readers & Finger Scanners, Smart Cards, Physical Access Control, Justice / Law Enforcement, Time and Attendance, HealthCare Biometrics, Border Control / Airports, Financial and Transactional, Mobile Biometrics, Consumer / Residential Biometrics, Other Uses of Biometrics.


MorphoTrak, recently named Biometrics Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, provides biometric and identity management solutions to a broad array of markets in the U.S. including law enforcement, border control, driver licenses, civil identification, and facility/IT security. L-1 has been acquired by Morpho, and is now part of Morpho, Safran’s security division. Reporting to Morpho, MorphoTrak is part of the world’s largest biometric company and leading innovator in large fingerprint identification systems, facial and iris recognition, as well as secure credentials. For more information, visit   Products & services: Biometric Sensors and Detectors, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Readers, Iris Scanners & Recognition, Smart Cards, Border Control / Airports, Consumer / Residential Biometrics, Justice / Law Enforcement, Logical Access Control, Mobile Biometrics, Other Uses of Biometrics, Physical Access Control, Time and Attendance, Hand Readers & Finger Scanners, Middleware/Software, Vein Recognition. 


Crossmatch Technologies is a leading global provider of biometric identity management systems, applications and enabling technologies to governments, law enforcement agencies and businesses around the world. Offerings include biometric technologies capable of wireless, mobile or stationary use that encompass fingerprint, palm and full-hand scanners, facial recognition systems, iris scanning technology, document readers, biometric software, and related services. Products & Services: Border Control, Facial Recognition, Financial/Transactional, Fingerprint Readers, Hand Readers, Healthcare, Iris Scanners, Justice/Law Enforcement, Middleware Software, Mobile Biometrics, Other.

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