Zwipe SVP to Speak Against Passwords at Trustech 2016

Zwipe Sales and Marketing SVP Einar Boije will speak at next week’s Trustech 2016 expo. Scheduled for Tuesday, November 29, his presentation is entitled, “Biometrics for Authentication: Death of the Password”.Zwipe SVP to Speak Against Passwords at Trustech 2016

It’s a self-explanatory title, and a good reflection of the Norwegian company’s interests. Zwipe has focused mostly on fingerprint biometric technology for smart card applications in areas like payments and access control – market sectors in which there has been a lot of activity and effort toward replacing cumbersome password-based security mechanisms. For its part, Zwipe has enjoyed a rising profile this autumn, establishing a joint venture with high-tech investment consortium Kuang-Chi Group in October, and getting the former CEO of Fingerprint Cards on its board of directors earlier this month.

As such, Boije’s speech may attract some strong interest at Trustech, especially given the strong buzz around biometric smart cards ahead of this year’s event.

Trustech 2016 will take place in Cannes from November 29th to December 1st.

November 25th, 2016 – by Alex Perala