Zwipe’s First Biometric Smart Card Shipment Features FPC Sensors

The biometric smart cards that have just been shipped by Zwipe feature Fingerprint Cards fingerprint sensors, the latter has announced.

Zwipe's First Biometric Smart Card Shipment Features FPC SensorsIt’s Zwipe’s first shipment of its biometric smart card solution, and represents the first in what could be a long line, with Zwipe having just announced that it has established seven new agreements with payments partners and card manufacturing partners representing over 40 percent of the global smart card market. And with FPC sensors in those biometric smart cards, this could represent a strong line of business for FPC as well.

In a statement announcing its involvement in the project, FPC did not specify which sensor model is being used in the shipped cards, but did say that it’s an “ultra-low power consuming fingerprint sensor, tailored for use in smartcards.” FPC also stated the company “is happy to support long-standing partner Zwipe in this business”.

The news comes soon after FPC announced that it had acquired its first customer for its new T-Shape module designed specifically for biometric smart cards, and amid growing market activity in this area in general, with big names like Mastercard lately exploring the nascent biometric payment card concept in earnest.

October 3, 2017 – by Alex Perala