Zwipe Biometric Cards Unlock Even More Doors

Today, Zwipe – a company from Norway known for its disruptive biometric access control solution, the Zwipe Access biometric card – announced that new enhancements have been made to its flagship product allowing it to be used with currently installed proximity card readers. This functionality comes in addition to the Zwipe card’s previous ability to add a biometric factor to existing smart card based access control systems.

Zwipe Card

Zwipe took home an American SESAMES Award for Innovation in Identification earlier this year at the CARTES America event.

The Zwipe biometric card features an embedded fingerprint sensor and on-device authentication, combined with card-based security factors. In practice, a company that already uses card based security and is wanting to add biometrics to its physical physical access system simply needs to buy the Zwipe cards and enroll cleared staff. No new infrastructure is required.

Kim Humborstad, Zwipe’s CEO, speaks about the expanded functionality, saying: “While our original biometric card has been popular with smart card reader users, proximity readers continue to be the de facto standard for access control throughout the world. Working with proximity readers now lets more end-users use biometrics on high security openings, such as a hospital pharmacy, IT server room or special research lab, without having to switch out their proximity readers for biometric readers.”

Humborstad goes on to describe how Zwipe Access, a two-factor authentication solution by nature, addresses the problems inherent in PIN and card-only security systems. Essentially, lost and stolen cards are not a liability when they can only be used by one authorized user, while a biometric factor can’t be forgotten and doesn’t require  complex and high maintenance password practices.

“This is much more secure than simply using a standard smart or proximity card, which verifies only something users carry, the card itself,” says Humborstad.

The latest version of the Zwipe Access biometric card is customizable for companies that would like to add a personal and professional touch to their next generation security system.

Zwipe has been the subject of much industry praise for its disruptive technology. Zwipe Access is a particularly excellent example of physical access control solution that target and break down the traditional barriers of biometric adoption.

October 9, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter