ZKTeco Launches CP Series, World’s First Embedded Face Recognition IP Cameras

The video surveillance division of ZKTeco, ZKiVison, has launched the very first high performance intelligent HD IP camera with embedded face recognition technology. Adopting the ZK high integration face recognition module and a long distance biometric algorithm that can authenticate faces from up to five meters away regardless of illumination factors, the new surveillance solution boasts a versatile range of applications. 

Because face recognition is contactless and relatively long distance, as well as becoming increasingly affordable, it is among the most promising of biometric technologies when looking towards future widespread adoption. Security applications of face recognition solutions are finding applications not only in government sectors, but financial and retail sectors as well.

The ZK Embedded Face Recognition IP Camera, which can support 1000-2000 enrolled faces for recognition, sports a high definition, full color display used to present face registering information, face recognition and real-time monitoring. Native storage, registration, and recognition promises to reduce pressure on PC-end software.

Placed at entrances and exits, the IP camera can authenticate personnel and installed in banking terminals it can aid in identifying stolen transaction cards, but the full list of applications span well beyond the traditional security setting. In retail environments the face recognizing system can be used to notify representatives when shoplifters have entered the store, or in a more preferred scenario, once a VIP crosses the threshold, she can now be met with prompt service. Additionally, the ZK IP Camera can register customer facial reactions to better analyze patron satisfaction.

“What we are working is to combine technology with product and highlight the advantage of biometric technology,” Says ZKTeco’s chief scientist Richard Chen. “We believe we will provide the most reliable face recognition and iris recognition technology in surveillance industry.”

About ZKTeco:

8044_zkteco_zkteco-logoZKTeco is a leading global developer and manufacturer of security and time management solutions headquartered in Shenzhen. It is subdivided into 5 distinct business segment/divisions which are known as: ZKSoftware, ZKAccess, ZKiVision, ZKBiolock and ZKAFIS.

ZKiVison focuses on IP Cameras and total surveillance solutions, including full range of IP Cameras, Network Video Recorders, DVS, different level surveillance software, and focuses on integration of access control linkage and face identification technology. For more information: www.zkivision.com

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