ZKAccess Aims to Cut Costs with Wireless Installation Kit

ZKAccess has launched a new installation solution for its access control technology.

ZKAccess Aims to Cut Costs with Wireless Installation Kit

Pictured: The ZKAccess Wireless Bridge.

Called Wireless Bridge, it’s a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi kit that lets users connect the company’s C3 and InBio control panels to designated access points. For outdoor deployments, the connections can work up to 300 feet away, while indoor installations can facilitate connections of up to 150 feet, with range boosters also available from the company.

For current and prospective customers of ZKAccess’ biometric and RFID access control systems, the Wireless Bridge kit offers a cost-effective solution. Announcing the offering in a statement, ZKAccess CEO Larry Reed explained that the company’s distributors “pay less than $950 for a complete 4-door wireless card access system which also includes the readers, REXs, 50 prox cards and software,” adding, “Now that’s a real cost-savings.”

The technology could also serve as the basis for cost-effective products to come, and may prove appealing to any companies looking to potentially follow Delta Turnstiles’ example and partner with ZKAccess to develop custom access control solutions. For now, though, the company is aiming it squarely at its C3 and InBio customers, with an eye to saving them money while driving sales and deployments.

May 17, 2016 – by Alex Perala