ZKAccess Attracts Attention at NJESA Gathering

New Jersey Electronic Security Association (NJESA) members got a close look at ZKAccess‘ biometric security technology recently at the NJESA’s Annual Symposium Expo in Atlantic City.

ZKAccess Educates on Low Cost Biometric Security Technology

ZKAccess COO Manish Dalal showcases product line capabilities using a demo board with live-working access control panels, readers, door locks, REXs and sensors.

The company says ZKAccess CEO Larry Reed and COO Manish Dalal met with more than 50 ESA members who stopped by the ZKAccess booth. Live demonstrations of the company’s readers, door locks, access control panels, and other devices were conducted.

In a statement, ZKAccess CEO Larry Reed pointed out that the company is a NJESA Associate Member, and as such the company’s team “welcomed the opportunity to meet personally with so many NJESA members.” Reed added that “NJESA provided a fabulous forum and agenda at its Symposium, and did a fantastic job bringing together its membership at this important industry event.”

The event likely provided an important networking opportunity for ZKAccess, which has significantly expanded the range of its product offerings—from a license plate recognition system to a plug-and-play biometric door lock—since breaking off from parent company ZKTeco last spring. With a diverse lineup on display to a diverse range of interests in the ESA members attending, it’s no wonder ZKAccess’ booth attracted attention.

March 8, 2016 – by Alex Perala