ZKAccess Launches Licence Plate Recognition System

ZKAccess Launches Licence Plate Recognition SystemZKAccess has announced another new addition to its access control lineup. Called SmartLPR, the system is designed to recognize license plates.

It’s intended for parking facilities, of course. And it’s ready for indoor or outdoor deployments, with weatherproof durability and the capability to be installed as a standalone, plug-and-play system. According to ZKAccess, its optical character recognition (OCR) engine is able to read license plates from around the world, relaying that data to administrators.

In a press release announcing the new offering, ZKAccess CEO Larry Reed called it “a very affordable yet highly reliable added layer of physical security protection.” And ZKAccess has other layers to offer, too: Earlier this year the company launched its flagship ML10 biometric door lock – also designed for easy, simple installation – and in late summer it launched the more heavy-duty FV 350 multimodal access control device. ZKAccess has recently put its door lock back into the spotlight with a new model enabling remote control via Bluetooth. Now, with its new SmartLPR product, the company appears to be pushing deeper into affordable, plug-and-play solutions aimed at a larger market segment of businesses and other organizations.

October 21, 2015 – by Alex Perala