ZKAccess FV 350 Scans Fingerprints and Finger Veins Simultaneously

ZK Access FV350RFID and biometric security solutions provider ZKAccess has launched a new multimodal device for access control applications. Called the FV 350, the device relies on both fingerprint and finger vein biometrics for user authentication.

Remarkably, it’s capable of scanning both biometrics simultaneously, via the same touch sensor. In less than two seconds, the FV 350 can scan a user’s finger and convert its fingerprint and vascular data into a biometric template, which is then stored and matched in the system’s database for identity verification.

It’s also a versatile system. Capable of storing up to a thousand fingerprints and a thousand finger vein templates, it can be used with or without a dedicated access control panel or computer. It can be programmed to authenticate based on either modality on a singular basis, or on a multimodal basis. Additionally, as ZKAccess CEO Larry Reed notes, it is compatible with clients’ existing software and panels, meaning that it can “safeguard their previous security investment while enhancing it with new, highly reliable biometric technologies.”

With its advanced capabilities and potential for a wide user base, the FV 350 is ideal for the enterprise. Like the recently released ML10, a biometric door lock designed for plug-and-play use, the FV 350 demonstrates ZKAccess’ commitment to technological sophistication in biometric security. The company has also signaled its expertise with a recent CEU-accredited course on Advanced Biometric Access Control, aiming to help security integrators better understand the emerging technologies. ZKAccess’ comprehensive approach to physical access security will likely continue to draw new clients as ZKAccess proceeds as an independent company, having branched off from parent ZKTeco earlier this year.

August 26, 2015 – by Alex Perala