ZKAccess Teams with High-End Turnstiles Company


“…the general plan is to offer Delta turnstile solutions with “Powered by ZKAccess” branding…”

Biometric and RFID security solutions provider ZKAccess has entered into a major new partnership with Delta Turnstiles, the companies have announced.

While no specific plans for collaborative product development have yet been announced, the partnership helps to bring ZKAccess technology to a potentially lucrative market and opens a number of technological opportunities to both companies. As its name suggests, Delta is a major supplier of premium turnstiles, aiming particularly at high-end deployments such as the interior lobbies of luxury accommodations. This kind of high-end market has proven receptive to biometric solutions in the past, and so Delta’s access to ZKAccess’ solutions could prove valuable for clients and suppliers alike.

In a press release, the companies explained that the general plan is to offer Delta turnstile solutions with “Powered by ZKAccess” branding; and that could mean that they are equipped with RFID readers, or biometric technology based on face or fingerprint recognition.

It’s another potentially valuable area for ZKAccess to explore as the company continues to ramp up the applications of its technology, having this year launched a heavy-duty access control solution and a plug-and-play biometric door lock, and, more recently, a license plate recognition system.

December 1, 2015 – by Alex Perala