ZKAccess Becomes An Independent Company

ZKAccess group photoBiometrics company ZKAccess has announced that it’s striking out on its own. While the company has hitherto been a subsidiary of ZKTeco, a security and time management solutions provider, ZKAccess is now becoming an independent company – ZKAccess, LLC. The new concern, based in  Fairfield, New Jersey, which will solely focus on design, distribution and support of security products in USA and Canada.

According to John Che, chairman of ZKTeco group, “The goal of the new division is to be more focused on building and supporting the most innovative yet cost-efficient security solution for US and Canada market.”

In a statement, the company explained that the move was meant to help the company be more responsive in meeting the huge rise in demand it has seen from customers. The company has apparently seen a significant increase in demand for its fingerprint and facial biometric products, as well as its RFID-based solutions, in the North American market. As an independent company, ZKAccess can now expand to meet that demand.

The company recently set up a new office in New Jersey and has been hiring more staff, and an industry veteran, Manish Dalal, has joined the company as its new COO and Product Manager. Speaking on these developments, ZKAccess CEO Larry Reed said they would “enable us to focus more intently on growing new and often under-served sales channels.”

ZKAccess’ success in the biometrics business is indicative of wider general trends. Recent analyses have all predicted strong growth in the overall global biometrics market for at least the next ten years, while the fingerprint and facial recognition markets also face very strong prospects – the former being driven largely by the upsurge in mobile device deployments, and the latter increasingly being used both in mobile devices and in law enforcement applications. With such strong market growth continuing in the areas of ZKAccess’ specialty, the company should have some bright prospects as it goes it alone in the industry.

April 6, 2015 – by Alex Perala