ZKAccess Announces Availability of ZKBioPack Software

Schneider Electric, a major automation and energy management company, is integrating ZKAccess biometric security into its offerings. The latter has launched its new ZKBioPack software platform in collaboration ZKAccess Announces Availability of ZKBioPack Software with Schneider Electric.

ZKBioPack has now been built into Schneider Electric’s Continuum platform, allowing users to launch the application directly from the user interface. Essentially, it lets Schneider Electric customers easily set up ZKAccess biometric readers in connection with their Schneider Electric solutions, with supported hardware including the TF1600 and TF1700 outdoor fingerprint readers, the F18 indoor fingerprint reader, and the MB700 reader, which scans both fingerprints and faces. This means that customers using Schneider Electric’s popular automation technology for access points will be able to implement biometric security for access control, care of ZKAccess’ offerings.

It’s a partnership that makes a lot of sense. Biometric access control is ZKAccess’ specialty, with the company having launched products ranging from a plug-and-play biometric door lock to power-over-ethernet solutions, and this kind of technology offers a unique benefit to Schneider Electric customers. And it’s a good opportunity for ZKAccess, of course; in a statement, CEO Larry Reed pointed out that given there are “so many exposed access points within buildings and parking lots, more and more customers are now turning to the heightened security that biometrics provides,” adding that with “Schneider Electric’s global footprint, we view this as a spectacular opportunity to bring affordable biometric security to Schneider Electric customers all over the world.”

February 11, 2016 -by Alex Perala