Zighra Gets Second US Patent for Passive Authentication System

Zighra has received approval for its second US patent.

Zighra Gets Second US Patent for Passive Authentication SystemThe Ottawa-based firm received its first US patent approval this past summer, for a system pertaining to the AI engine underpinning its behavioral biometrics platform. Having just seen its official launch this month, that platform, SensifyID, runs entirely on-device, assessing things like how a given user taps or swipes on a mobile screen, as well as gait patterns emerging when the user walks with the device, in order to build a behavioral profile that can be used for identity verification.

In a statement announcing its newest patent, Zighra asserted that it “builds on the behavioral intelligence layer of Zighra’s foundational patent”, and more specifically that it covers machine learning algorithms that can be run locally on a given device. The company’s CEO added that the need for machine learning security solutions to “learn quickly and apply that learning for authentication and threat detection… essentially requires that we have the capability to implement machine learning and anomaly detection completely on-device.”

Zighra’s solution has emerged at a time of growing interest in behavioral biometrics as numerous major organizations seek out passive authentication mechanisms that can continuously run in the background of a given subject’s normal activities. The company showcased its solution at last week’s Money20/20 event in Las Vegas, and invites interested parties to license its technology.

October 31, 2017 – by Alex Perala