Zetes Supplying Biometrics For Ugandan Voter Registration

March 21, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

The next Ugandan presidential election is scheduled to take place in 2016, and until then citizens are going to be submitting their biometrics in a new voter registration initiative powered by Zetes. The identity and mobility specialist company announced recently that thanks to a newly won contract that places it as the supplier of 4,250 biometric kits that are to be used for citizen identification in preparation for the election.

The kits being supplied are Zetes’ next generation of technology, said by the company to allow for high level user autonomy. Durable and easy to transport with long lasting battery life on the PC and peripherals, the biometric kits are designed with ergonomics in mind and are equipped to enroll biometrics via digital signature pad, camera and fingerprint scanner.

Voter registration is just the beginning of the benefits that this deployment is set to bring to Uganda. The hope is that after this initial citizen identification process, Ugandan authorities will be better equipped to fight fraud.

Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, Cape Verde, Burundi, Gabon and Chad have all also benefited from Zetes’ previous generation of biometric kits for similar reasons. The first supply of kits for Uganda have already shipped and are scheduled to be rolled out starting this coming  April 15th.

Zetes has  much experience in providing these specific kinds of citizen enrollment, and not just in service of voter registration projects. Last October, the company won a contract from Sengal’s Société Nationale d’Edition de Documents Administratifs et d’Identification to supply the nation with biometric visas.