Yubo and Yoti Make the Internet Safer With Biometric Age Verification

Yubo and Yoti Make the Internet Safer With Biometric Age Verification

Yubo and Yoti are working together to make the internet safer for young adults. Founded in 2015, Yubo is a social media platform designed specifically for teenagers. The company will now be using Yoti Age Scan to protect its 20 million users and make sure that everyone is age appropriate.

So what is Yoti Age Scan? Briefly, YAS uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition software to measure someone’s face against a database containing thousands of other age-verified faces before making an estimate about the age of the original. The software will flag suspicious accounts that might fall outside Yubo’s approved age range, making sure that its users are talking to people their own age instead of adults posing as teenagers. 

Yoti’s secure authentication technology will also allow the owners of flagged accounts to verify their identity without the need for any additional documentation to be presented, a step that will ensure that the verification process is as seamless possible. Its mobile ID platform is already being used for proof-of-age checks for the NCR Corporation, with a trusted reputation in government, air travel, and blockchain technology.

“We’ve selected YAS to give us a simple, private and secure way to make the app safe for our users,” said Yubo COO Marc-Antoine Durand. “We are excited to develop a partnership with Yoti and use their identity verification technology to further enhance the safety of our platform.”

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)