Biometrics Year in Review: The Maturity of Consumer Biometrics

Biometrics Year in Review: The Maturity of Consumer BiometricsThe end of January is here, which means it’s time to get on with 2016. We’ve spent all month here at FindBiometrics looking back on 2015—one of the biggest years for biometrics in terms of public visibility and actual deployment. But for all the success stories last year brought there are many more to come. The sentiment in the industry, especially when it comes to consumer biometric tech, is that things are just getting started.

For our 13th annual Biometrics Year in Review, we asked our survey respondents about the perceived maturity of consumer biometrics solutions. Here’s what they had to say:

Biometrics Year in Review: The Maturity of Consumer Biometrics

The split is very clean here, with 75 percent of respondents agreeing that consumer biometrics are still in a nascent phase and the remaining quarter disagreeing, claiming that consumer biometrics are well established and accepted.

Biometrics Year in Review: The Maturity of Consumer BiometricsIt’s true that biometric technology is more available to consumers than ever before. In 2015, smartphone OEMs put all their weight behind the embedded fingerprint sensor, which is now considered standard fare on new mobile handsets.  But it wasn’t just fingerprints either, Windows 10 was launched sporting Windows Hello, which enables multimodal authentication across a variety of devices. The year saw face, iris and vascular biometrics all become available to the consuming public and thanks to a demand for security and convenience they were adopted.

That having been said, looking back on our full Biometrics Year in Review for 2015, it’s clear that there are still strides to be made, even in the consumer market which has seen so much positive activity. Public perception is a key component in this, but so is technological innovation. Liveness detection has been identified as a big priority moving forward, as has education and public perception.

Biometrics are booming, the evidence is overwhelming. But a given technology’s maturity isn’t just measured in specs—moving forward, as biometrics grow out of this nascent phase, we will see not only greater levels of adoption and integration, but technical literacy on behalf of the end-user.


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January 29, 2016 – by Peter B.Counter