Year in Review 2016: The Dedicated Roundup

In December we polled 165 professionals in biometrics and identity related industries about various topics from the past year. It was part of the FindBiometrics Year in Review, the longest-running and best regarded industry retrospective of its kind. Now in its 14th consecutive year, the FindBiometrics Year in Review is your resource to start 2017 off with your fingers on the pulse of biometrics and global identity management.

This is the dedicated roundup of our Year in Review analysis, where you will find links to all our published results. Check back frequently throughout January so you don’t miss a thing.

Year in Review 2016: The Dedicated Roundup

Year in Review 2016: Biometrics Truly Feel MainstreamYear in Review 2016: The Dedicated Roundup

According to our respondents, 2016 was the first year biometric technology truly felt mainstream.

Year in Review 2016: The Most Exciting Modalities

What were the most exciting biometric modalities in 2016? Here’s what our respondents had to say.

Year in Review 2016: Consumer Biometrics Are Still Nascent Tech

Consumer biometrics are more ubiquitous than ever before, but are they still in a nascent phase?

Year in Review 2016: The Priority of Liveness Detection

Should liveness detection be a priority in the consumer-facing biometrics industry?

Year in Review 2016: Public Perception

Does the public perception of biometrics play an important role in the future of the biometrics industry? We look at how biometrics entered the public discourse in 2016.


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