Xiaomi’s New Mi Max Prime Features an FPC Sensor

A longstanding, repeat customer of Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics is using their technology again. Xiaomi’s new Mi Max Prime features an FPC1035 fingerprint sensor running Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software.Mi Max Prime Features FPC Sensor, Precise Biometrics Software

It’s the latest device in Xiaomi’s Mi line of smartphones, with the OEM having recently nabbed some headlines with the announcement that its Mi 5s Plus  features an under-glass fingerprint sensor. As GSMArena reports, the original Mi Max first launched back in May, with the Mi Max Prime offering some slightly enhanced technical specifications with regards to its processor and storage. It’s set to launch in India on October 17th.

This integration arrives hot on the heels of another: FPC’s latest Redmi smartphone, the Redmi 3S Plus, also uses an FPC1035 sensor and Precise Biometrics’ flagship algorithm software.