World’s Fastest Contactless Fingerprint Scanner To Be Presented at GIS 2014

This year’s Global Identity Summit (GIS) is less than one month away. Formerly the Biometric Consortium Conference, the annual identity management  event is held in Tampa, Florida, and is host to a slew of announcements, demonstrations, product launches and keynotes.

With Finger on the Fly, users simply wave their hand above the scanner once for authentication in under one second.

Today, Morpho (Safran) announced that during GIS it will be presenting what it claims is the fastest contactless four finger scanner in the world: Finger on the Fly. Users simply wave their hand above the scanner once for authentication. With matching speeds measuring under one second, the Finger on the Fly is an ideal solution for high traffic deployments. The solution is compatible with standard flat and rolled fingerprint databases.

Thomas Chenevier, Morpho’s director of Products and Innovation says that this product is revolutionary, and that Morpho is excited about achieving this milestone in matching speed. “Our teams have worked tirelessly to this end and we are truly proud of this achievement, he says.

Not just fast, Finger on the Fly also benefits from the fact that it doesn’t require subjects to make physical contact with the device. This allows it to circumvent hygiene and cultural concerns that would normally act as a barrier for fingerprint and hand based authentication. Morpho’s four finger scanner, also by virtue of being contactless, is able to accurately match fingers regardless of them being wet or dry.

Finger on the Fly will be on display in booth 301 at the Global Identity Summit, September 16 through 18.

At this year’s ISC West conference in April, FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill payed a visit to the MorphoTrak booth where Finger on the Fly was also on display. Gary Jones, the director of Biometric Access and Time Solutions at MorphoTrak, walked us through Finger on the Fly, MorphoAccess SIGMA and the MorphoTablet on video.

August 26, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter