Wisconsin County Installs New Automated Breathalyzer Kiosk

Wisconsin County Installs New Automated Breathalyzer Kiosk

Don’t let the name fool you. Iowa County is in the state of Wisconsin, not the state of Iowa, and it is now the fifth Wisconsin county with a new Automated Breathalyzer Kiosk from Precision Kiosk Technologies. The AB Kiosk has been installed at the Iowa County Jail in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, where it will be used to monitor people in the Huber Work Release program and those awaiting trial for alcohol and drug-related offenses.

“Automating our alcohol screening program frees up our law enforcement staff for higher-value work and assists us in tracking the effectiveness of our offender programs,” said Matthew Allen, the Assistant District Attorney for Iowa County.

The biometric kiosk uses fingerprint recognition to authenticate the person being tested, and also captures video of the test itself to ensure compliance. The results are automatically uploaded to the cloud-based management platform that comes bundled with the kiosk. The software helps with on-boarding and the coordination of breathalyzer tests.  

“This system will greatly improve the efficiency of [Iowa County’s] alcohol-screening programs and increase the safety of their communities,” said Precision GM Patrick McKinney.

The AB Kiosk can perform roughly 40 tests per hour, and will eventually be used to screen anyone picking up someone arrested for Operating While Intoxicated. Along with inmate tracking programs and house arrest programs, the automatic breathalyzer test is one of many forms of biometric monitoring currently deployed in the corrections industry.


April 3, 2019 – by Eric Weiss