What’s Next for Biometrics in The Enterprise?

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Today is the final day of ISC West 2016, a major security technology conference held in Las Vegas that dictates the discussion around physical access control for the rest of the year. FindBiometrics contributing editor Darrell Geusz is in the field reporting on the event, and we are seeing once again: mobility is entering the vertical and bringing with it a great level of convenience for the enterprise. Identity tech and mobility are converging on a massive scale, and physical access control is not exempt from the dynamic change underway.

Physical access control, especially in the enterprise, is a lot more than just locking doors. Gone are the days when a simple contactless key card issued to your average employee will suffice. Objects that can be lost, stolen, or traded present a major vulnerability to businesses—and they always have—but now we are finally living in an era where we don’t have to settle for the keys we hold defining our ability to access critical spaces. Biometric authentication, properly managed smartphones and wearables, and modern workforce management platforms are allowing enterprises to assign permissions to actual staff, identified simply by who they are.What’s Next for Biometrics in The Enterprise?

April is Physical Access & Enterprise Month at FindBiometrics, and we will be exploring this area of innovation and industry growth over the next few weeks. As part our featured investigation, on April 20 at 11 AM EDT, we will be holding the next entry in our renowned webinar series: Biometrics, Access Control and the Enterprise of Tomorrow. Join FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill and our recently announced expert panel:

The discussion will bring together these industry leaders on topics surrounding the future of biometrics, physical access control, and the enterprise. Registration is free, and attendees can expect to participate in an interactive question and answer period.


April 8, 2016 – The FindBiometrics Editorial Team