News Roundup: Welcome To National ID Month

Last week at FindBiometrics we welcomed in September by kicking off National ID Month. In the Industry news we saw headlines from around the world in law enforcement, border control, attendance tracking and more, spanning all sorts of modalities.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top stories in identity management:

National ID Month

News Roundup: Welcome To National ID MonthSeptember is National ID Month at FindBiometrics and to kick things off right we put together a primer to catch you up on all the most relevant recent news on the topic. Join us throughout the month as we continue our examination of some of the most ambitious biometrics deployments in the world.

National ID Month: The Primer

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement BiometricsIn law enforcement last week we had stories of two biometrics deployments from around the world. Police in Northern Australia are benefitting from NEC Corporation’s NeoFace facial recognition technology, and forces in Baltimore have turned to Booz Allen’s VAMPIRE handheld biometric device.

NeoFace Aids Police in Northern Australia

Baltimore Seeks Help of VAMPIRE to Bolster Police Force

Access Control

Biometric Access ControlLast week we reported on a top-of-the-line biometric safe that features FBI certified biometric tech from Crossmatch. Bolstering the physical access control news we also heard from Suprema, which launched its new DM-20 device.

Here are the week’s top physical access stories:

Crossmatch Tech Underpins Biometric Safe

New Suprema Device Acts as Access Control Hub

Time and Attendance

Biometric ID, National IDAadhaar was invoked in yet another time and attendance situation in India last week, while biometrics were implemented in Nigeria to keep track of the nation’s highly important youth corps. Bodet launched its newest time and attendance device too, which can already boast a Red Dot Award.

Indian City Takes Out Trash with Aadhaar Attendance Tracking

Nigeria Implements Biometrics To Track Youth Service

Bodet’s New Time and Attendance Tracker Boasts Red Dot Award

Border Control

Multifactor BiometricsA new report painted a rosy picture for the airport screening technology market while H&R Block began offering TSA PreCheck enrollment to its customers last week through a new partnership with MorphoTrust USA (Safran). The Department of Homeland Security has outlines its plans to enhance the use of biometrics, and we reported on the details as two headlines alluded to potential controversy concerning immigration and biometrics in both the USA and UK.

DHS Outlines Plans to Enhance Use of Biometric Tech

Airport Screening Tech Market to Reach $1.63B by 2020

Biometric US-Mexico Border Deployment Could Stir Controversy

UK Home Office Backs ‘Coercion’ to Get Migrants’ Biometric Data

H&R Block to Offer TSA PreCheck Enrolment


rp_62157982_thumbnail2-e1434567624147-300x176.jpgFirst Internet Bank announced the implementation of Eyeprint ID authentication on its mobile app last week as we reported on the facial recognition capabilities built into a new series of Ideapads from Lenovo. Fingerprint Cards (FPC) and Precise Biometrics, in the mean time, continued their mobility streak with some newly announced integrations.

First Internet Bank Implements Eyeprint ID

New Ideapads Support Windows Facial Recognition

Precise Biometrics Tech Integrated by Repeat Customer

Gigaset Integrates FPC Tech in New Smartphones

Iris, Voice, Fingerprint

HiResFPC announced that its new sensors can be embedded under glass and ceramics last week, while Innovatrics touted its success in the MINEX III testing. Irises were in the news too, with VOXX taking control of EyeLock and a new report highlighting the modality’s top vendors. Finally, in voice and speech news, Nuance Communications’ tech was implemented by Manulife for call center authentication in both English and French – a key advantage in convenient customer service for Manulife, which is based in the bilingual nation of Canada.

New FPC Sensors Can Be Embedded Under Glass

Innovatrics Passes NIST’s MINEX III Test

Report Highlights Opportunities, Vendors in Iris Biometrics

VOXX Takes Control of EyeLock

Manulife Implements Nuance Voice and Speech Recognition


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September 8, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter