[WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT] Biometrics & Money: Enabling the Future of Identity-First Finance

[WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT] Biometrics & Money: Enabling the Future of Identity-First Finance

Over the past five years, biometrics have fully transformed the financial experience, enabling secure mobile payments, frictionless anti-fraud measures, and trusted remote banking enrollment. Now, as we come to the end of the decade, with biometrics established as the foundation of strong identity, we look ahead to the potential of fingerprint-powered payment cards, biometrics enabled digital banking, conversational commerce, naked payments and consumer immunity to data breaches. The future of identity-first finance is convenient, secure and biometric.

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 11AM Eastern Time, join FindBiometrics, in association with our premier partner Money20/20, for “Biometrics & Money: Enabling the Future of Identity-First Finance – an expert panel discussion featuring biometrics and financial experts. The 45 minute interactive discussion will take stock of the state of biometric financial ID, and address the challenges facing the industry as we move into a decade when money and biometric identity stand to become synonymous.

Lending their crucial insights and expertise to the discussion, the webinar’s panelists will include Onfido CEO Husayn Kassai, BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas, and IDEMIA’s VP of Global Channel & Marketing, Biometric Access & Time Solutions, Gary Jones. Also on hand will be Maxine Most, the Principal Analyst of the renowned Acuity Market Research firm; and the discussion will be moderated by FindBiometrics Editor in Chief, Peter Counter.

Audience members will learn:

  • The latest market research about biometrics and identity in financial services
  • The industry-shaping highlights of Money20/20 USA – the biggest financial industry conference in the world
  • The different biometric solutions available in the financial market, and how they work to enable convenience and security
  • Emerging use cases for biometrics in today’s accelerated FinTech space
  • How biometrics enable identity-first mobile finance for consumers
  • How biometrics can protect financial institutions in the era of the data breach
  • The privacy implications of biometric identity at the bank

Attendees can expect to participate in a live Q&A with the panel. Register now to reserve your spot.

“Biometrics & Money: Enabling the Future of Identity-First Finance” is part of Financial Biometrics Month which is made possible by our sponsors: Onfido, IDEMIA, and BioConnect.