Avedon Captial Partners Buys Majority Shares of WCC

WCC Group has both new ownership and leadership. Avedon Capital Partners has now taken a majority shareholding in the company, and former COO Wim Rietdijk has taken the helm as former Executive Board members Peter Went and Mark Wegman step down.Avedon Captial Partners Buys Majority Shares of WCC

The maneuvering revolves around growth. As Rietdijk explains in a statement announcing the changes, with Avedon’s support the company is “entering a new phase and starting to explore new markets,” though a continuing focus on what have been the company’s main markets remains “extremely important.”

For Avedon’s part, partner Michel Verhoog says it will “actively support” WCC “through both autonomous growth and acquisitions.” Verhoog added that Avedon is “thrilled to combine WCC’s great expertise and skills with our experience with high-growth mid-sized internationally focused software companies.”

In recent years WCC has made a name for itself with its emphasis on combining biometrics and biographic data in identification solutions for employment services, border control, and civil ID. It hasn’t yet indicated which specific new markets will be targeted going forward, but its solutions certainly have a range of potential applications.

December 20, 2016 – by Alex Perala