WATCH: BIO-key Demonstrates The Power of a Touch

BIO-key has released a new video promoting its plug and play USB biometric fingerprint readers—SideSwipe, SideTouch, and EcoID.

The video gives an overview of the technology, complete with product shots and footage of each device in use, making a great case for consumers, enterprises, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations to ditch passwords in favor of Windows 10 compatible biometric fingerprint authentication.

BIO-key The Power of a Touch

BIO-key holds the distinction of being Microsoft’s biometrics solutions partner, earlier this year completing a 12 city tour with the Redmond tech giant in promotion of Windows 10 and Windows Hello security. As such, BIO-key readers are officially approved for use on all Windows 10 devices that sport USB ports. When a reader is plugged into a USB port the required drivers are automatically installed, and once a user is enrolled (a process that the video asserts takes only a minute), she can secure her lock screen and replace her password logins with the touch of a finger. Of course, as the video shows, a biometrically secured lock screen is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about the benefits of combining Windows Hello and BIO-key.

The Windows Hello security platform launched with the Windows 10 operating system just over a year ago. It is FIDO Certified and supports many different biometric modalities for authentication. However, at this point in time, most PCs and laptops do not feature embedded fingerprint sensors. As such, BIO-key’s USB fingerprint readers, which are available for purchase now through Amazon, play an important role in recognizing the powerful security potential in Windows’ powerful new OS.